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International Driving License UK

An International driving license uk will translate your national driver's license into 15 different languages, which will help officials understand your drivers license easily. When travelling to a foreign country, countless bilateral treaties and agreements regulate IDP requirements. The bilateral treaties and agreements can change constantly. So you must carry an ITCA IDP if you are travelling outside your country.

You can apply  UK international driving license from anywhere in the world from ITCA. Along with a national drivers license, carrying an international driving permit UK is essential in the UK and many car rental companies require an international driving licence UK to get a rental car. We have streamlined the application process to get your International driving permit UK by creating a platform that guides you, so you know exactly what you'll need to complete your application

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How Do I Get An International Driving License in the UK

Online Application Form

You must have a national or domestic driving license to submit your application online.

Eligibility Check

ITCA review team will review & approve your International Drivign Permit.

Get A Valid IDP Instantly

 ITCA  will issue your IDP and send it to you.

The process of applying for UK international driving licence straight in an office will be difficult for you, and it will take your own time. The payment methods are also complicated, so it is better to apply for an international driving license online. The process will take about 10 to 15 minutes only while applying IDP online. 

The details required to apply for an International Driving Permit Online are :

  1. Name

  2. Email & Phone Number

  3. Current residence

  4. Place of birth

  5. National driver's license number,

  6. National driver's license issued date & expiry date

  7. Driving License Picture &  Your Head Shot Photo For Your IDP

You can apply for Soft Copy If you Are travelling. (Make Sure Your Print it)

International Drivers Permit UK


3  things needed ITCA - web.png

英国での運転の法定年齢は17歳ですが、16歳のときに申請できます。14歳の場合は、いくつかの制限付きで運転でき、仮免許で運転できます。  13歳の10代の若者も私有地内を運転できますが、公道を走行することはできません。 運転免許試験の費用は軽自動車で62ユーロで、大型トラック、バス、車の費用は車両ごとに異なります。また、英国で有効な国際運転免許証を携帯し、国際運転免許証を持っている必要があります。必要な書類、パスポート、古いパスポートなどをすべて携帯する必要があります。

シートベルトは英国では必須です。シートベルトを着用する必要があります。そうしないと、100ユーロの罰金が科せられる場合があります。 14歳未満の子供と一緒にシートベルトを着用せずに旅行している場合は、ペナルティとして500ユーロが加算されます。腕の下にシートベルトを着用しないでください。そのようにシートベルトを着用すると、100ユーロの罰金が科せられる場合があります。 3歳未満の子供はシートベルトを着用する必要はありません。 お子様の身長が135cmの場合は、シートベルトを着用する必要があります。 

You also need to carry a valid international driving permit in the UK and need to have an international driver's license. You must carry all necessary documents, passports, old passports, etc.

Seat belts are a must in the UK. You need to wear a seatbelt, or you may get a fine of 100 Euros. If you are travelling without a seatbelt with children under 14 years of age, you will get 500 Euros as a penalty. You should not wear a seatbelt under your arm. If you wear your seatbelt like that, you may get a fine of 100 Euros. Children under the age of 3 do not require to wear a seatbelt.  If your child is 135cm tall, then they should wear a seatbelt. If you are travelling to UK do remember to carry your International driving Permit UK. 

NOTE: The IDP is valid till 12 months from the last entry to border.

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